Why Project Black Noise

2I know I am not alone. Every women in India has faced sexual harassment and gender bias one time or another. To fight that, is a common survival story. From knowing how to dress  ‘respectably’, carry a pepper spray/knife while walking on lonely streets or being ‘smart enough’ to come back home before sunset – we all have experiences to share.

Project Black Noise is a forum for women to voice those survival stories and share their perspective. It is an attempt to end a culture of silence in India.

6 Comments on “Why Project Black Noise

  1. Appreciate your courage in spreading awareness that we ,too as women deserve respect and has the right to live with dignity.Was thinking about the “domestic violence” content in serials and movies.How do we spread an awareness that “domestic abuse and violence is not okay”?Interested to work towards the above cause.

  2. Good information. Lucky me I ran across your blog
    by accident (stumbleupon). I’ve book marked it for later!

  3. Abuse and discrimination against women seems to be a growing problem world wide despite the growing awareness and literacy. In India, I have witnessed and fought against several such atrocities.
    In some parts of the county, we still see female infanticide. At my in-laws neighborhood, I have seen a woman being forced to give away her new born, since it was a girl! Unfortunately, Women play a vital role in crimes/discrimination against fellow women, like in this case her mother-in-law.
    Shockingly, this discrimination and abuse are not limited to rural areas / illiterate / slum sections of the country but also in the so called urban and sophisticated professional organizations as well. Few ladies in my Office were put to sexual harassment and verbal abuse by their Manager, which was later reported to HR by one brave girl, after which few others followed her suit.
    There are millions of similar cases which remain un voiced. There are two reasons for this. First one is ‘lack of awareness’ (in rural, illiterate sections) Second one is ‘lack of courage mainly due to the fear of public humiliation/embarrassment’.
    I request women through this blog to be aware of the laws that protect us from these type of abuses, crimes etc. there are many organizations that help victimized women, rehabilitate and also will fight your battle for you. Please reach out to any of those, but don’t give up. You may have to struggle and face some humiliation during this fight, but if you do this now, your daughters need not suffer like you tomorrow.

    • Hi Sirisha,
      Thank you for reading and sharing your experince. You make some very valid arguments. Research suggests that with years of oppression and being repeatedly told (not by one person, but by the entire society) that they are inferior, most women internalize this structural violence. And therefore when in power, in the role of a mother-in-law or a boss, they in turn victimize other women.
      Lack of courage clubbed with an apathetic society makes it even worse especially in a country like India. With its archaic laws and a dysfunctional court system, India has often fails to protect its women. Perhaps making some noise will eventually help. That is the reason why I want more and more women to realize that they need to speak up, have the courage to fight back.

      Thank you again for your support.

  4. I agree that developing nations like India have a long way to go in curbing or perhaps, in a Utopian world, eradicating sexual harassment/abuse against women completely; but to say that I have not faced it anywhere else in the world will be wrong too. While walking on the street, traveling by local transport, we women face it everywhere. So, perhaps the problem exists worldwide, but varies in degree and frequency.

    Regarding my experiences in India, yes, I have been groped multiple times in crowded buses and metro. While walking on the street, I’ve heard men making lewd remarks.

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